Company Profile

DE DIOS & ASSOCIATES was founded in 1991. Its first advisory service, The DRAM Market Advisor, has developed into the premier source of market insight and forecast for the DRAM industry. In 1993, we extended the concept of an advisory service into Private Consulting Services, which has grown to become a significant part of our revenue as clients recognize the need for opinionated, insightful, and specialized decision-making support. This service has helped some of the largest electronic firms develop new businesses, redirect corporate and marketing strategies, and establish innovative operational systems.

  • The company has become a global company with clients in the United States, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Europe, and Canada.
  • The client base has broadened to include semiconductor manufacturers, computer companies, telecommunication companies, semiconductor-equipment companies, memory-module companies, and financial-services firms.
  • The company has expanded its sales and research operations to Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines, and will continue to expand to other geographic areas.
  • But what the company considers as its most important success is client loyalty.
  • DE DIOS & ASSOCIATES has an average annual client renewal rate of over 95 percent. Unlike other companies in the same industry, DE DIOS & ASSOCIATES places the objective of servicing existing clients before the objective of expanding revenue.

    While watching one of the largest semiconductor markets, the company has developed a substantial expertise in other product and application areas and is expanding its service offerings to other key industries.