DRAM Market Advisor

General Description

The DRAM Market Advisor is the ultimate source for an in-depth understanding of the DRAM market and its volatile dynamics. It was designed to be an advisory service, not an information service.

The goal of the market analysis is to elicit a strategic insight and action among our clients and not just to deliver a report. Most market-research firms look almost like publication houses. The objective of The DRAM Market Advisor is the objective of our clients – optimized revenue, profits, market share, cash flow, and long-term market positioning.

The advisory service was also designed to meet the needs of every upstream and downstream sector of the DRAM market – manufacturers, users, semiconductor-equipment companies, semiconductor materials companies, module manufacturers, upgrade-memory companies, distributors, securities and equity analysts, and credit institutions.

Service Contents

We defined the features of the DRAM Market Advisor to cover both tactical and strategic needs and to deliver information and advice as frequently as clients need it. From a tactical point of view, for example, clients need to understand the behavior of prices first and foremost, competition, the demand-supply balance, and product mix. From a strategic point of view, clients need to understand DRAM business cycles, transitions from one generation to the next, and investment in production capacity and the nature of that capacity.

Some of the information and analysis is delivered weekly, some monthly, some quarterly, and some evolve as frequently as the market evolves. Some information have granularity down to forecast and measurement by month and others by quarter. DE DIOS & ASSOCIATES will continue to find better ways of describing and predicting the market and delivering that insight to you when you need it and as often as you need it.